Reiki Energy Work & Holistic Energy Healing
Reiki is the act of laying hands on the body to comfort, relieve pain and promote healing. When experiencing pain, the first thing most people do is put their hands on the spot that hurts. This simple act is the basis for all “touch” healing techniques. Reiki, a form of energy work, is an elaboration of that act. The energy used is the essential life force and has many names. In Japan, it is called “Ki” and from this word, Reiki got its name. To become a practitioner, it is necessary to be trained and attuned by a certified Master Reiki teacher.
Wholistic Energy Healing is a unique form of energy work that promotes wellness for the whole person; body, mind, emotion, and spirit. It recognizes that each client has a specific and unique set of beliefs and circumstances surrounding their drive to wellness. A relationship with the client is established and the therapist facilitates their natural healing process. This therapy is grounded in current scientific and philosophical theories, including life-span human development, human learning, and motivation. It incorporates training within principles of physics, dialogue, and spirituality to integrate ancient healing wisdom with modern science. The use of breathing and hands on techniques are used to guide the client to a deep sense of grounded-ness and inner balance.
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