Swedish Massage or Body Somatic Therapy or Deep Tissue


Relaxation or Swedish Massage: Full body (one hour) session using lighter pressure in order to achieve a complete sense of tension relief and profound relaxation.


Deep Tissue:  Full body sessions or just focused on a problem area, the body structure and the tension in specific area of imbalance is the main concern and addressed thoroughly. The specific muscles that are "tight" as well as the fascia around them, are gently and firmly held, worked through with the therapist's hands, forearm and elbow and released. The structure of the body is re-aligned and therefore balance is achieved and lasting relief occurs.


Customized Personal Massage or Body Somatic Therapy is designed with a particalar problem area of constriction in the muscle and fascia. The full session will be dedicated to releasing the area of complaint such as calves for a runner, or trapezius and neck for an office worker. You come away with a true feeling that finally someone knows exactly where its been hurting and can address the issue. This is very specialized training and comes from Rolfing and Hellerwork background. The appropriate pressue is used and is not always necessarily what the client thinks should be used. In other words, extreme pressure with my elbow is not always as therapeutic as holding the area with steady lesser pressure, waiting for the muscle to release and let go.



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